Most of the people who buy rebar wire ties are professionals

We sell a ton of 16 gauge double loop rebar wire ties at the company that I work for.

I’m not really sure why that size is quite so popular, but it is our best selling product out of all of the things that we sell.

I guess a lot of people who are professional builders use double loop rebar wire ties in their projects and most of the people that we sell to are professional builders. We also sell a lot of other products to these guys, but the 16 gauge double loop wire ties are what they really seem to want the most. I think that it must be a really great product, even though I have never used it myself, personally. I know that they would not keep coming back for more and more of it all of the time if it wasn’t a great product! These professional builders who purchase from us use these double loop rebar wire ties to hold their rebar grids together on all kinds of jobs and in all kinds of situations. These wire ties are very reliable fastening mechanisms that you can use just about anywhere. They are made out of galvanized steel, and they are made in the USA. The galvanized steel that the wire ties are made from has a protective coating. This makes the double loop rebar wire ties very durable in all kinds of weather. They are great for using outdoors, and building professionals know this and take advantage of it. I still can’t believe we sell so many of them, though.

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