When I first started this job, I had no idea what I was doing

When I first started working at this job selling different kinds of fastening mechanisms, I had no idea what I was doing.

I just took the job because they were offering a good benefits package and because I really wanted to work in the office of the warehouse.

They have a really great set up and I wanted to work inside in a quiet, cool office. Before I worked here in the office, I had been helping out on different construction sites here and there all over town. That just wasn’t the job for me, and I figured that out pretty quickly as the weather got hotter and hotter. I knew that I wanted to go and work somewhere else really quickly, but there weren’t many places that were hiring at that point. When I saw that this company was hiring in their office, I just knew immediately that I wanted to work there. As soon as I got hired to work there, I knew that there was going to be a big learning curve for me. This place sells things like stainless steel double loop rebar ties and plastic coated rebar wire ties and galvanized bar ties. I had no idea at all what any of these things even were whenever I started and so I ended up having to take out the product catalog and sit down and study all of the different products that we sell here. Now, I’m basically an expert on things like 16 gauge galvanized rebar wire ties! Whenever our customers call in to place an order, I can help them figure out exactly what it is that they need.



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