I found the old rebar to be fun sculpting material

I’m always looking for something fun and interesting when I leave the house on a hunt. When I go on a hunt, I am looking for something to use for an art project. I never know what is going to make me feel artistic. I start at the swap meet and go to the flea market and then head to a couple of yard sales. Once I found a whole box of construction paper for a dollar. I use the construction paper to create a 3D image of a box of crayons. It was featured in The Art Gallery here in the city. A few months ago I was out on a trip and I found some products that made me feel like I found what I was looking for. One of the guys at the swap meet had old pieces of rebar, rebar wire ties, and coils of stainless steel tie wire. The stainless steel tie wire coils were strong, but they were flexible enough to move and bend in lots of different directions. The guy was trying to sell all of the stainless steel rebar wire ties and coils of tie wire for separate prices. I offered the guy one low price for all of the items. He told me that he had some black annealed tie wire and some PVC coated tie wire coils. I agreed to buy those items as well for one low price. I had to go back to my apartment and get a friend to help me with his truck. All of those rebar supplies were heavy and I couldn’t carry them back to my apartment on my bicycle. Thank goodness I have good friends to help.

rebar tie wire certified domestic

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