The shipping center sent 24 inch rebar rods instead of 48 inch

I have always tried to be a patient person, especially when it is corporation related matters.

  • I guess that patience is crucial in order to get all of the things that the two of us want.

Periodically I have to wait longer than I want, however being nice & agreeable means ruffling a lot less feathers. The outdated saying you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar is 100% true. I find that being nice can get myself and others an bad long way; Last year the shipping center sent the wrong items for a construction task. I ordered 48-in lengths of stainless steel black & the outdated rebar rods. The rebar rods were the most crucial area of the order & that was the area that got screwed up. Instead of receiving 48-in lengths of rebar, I got 24 inch lengths. The person on the telephone particularly wanted to know why I could not use the smaller pieces instead. I tried to patiently & calmly tell the person that our situation did not allow for that category of change. The black annealed double loop wire ties that I ordered were missing from the order as well. I was as patient as possible on the cellphone & even though the receptionist took a while to service everything, she did make myself and others glad before I hung up the cellphone. She made sure that the right rebar & double loop wire ties were on their way from the factory & she credited our account with a 5% off discount for the next time that I placed an order with the metal supplier.

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