Husband gets sick

My husband and I were super excited to buy property and make home improvements. The two of us are quite handy and have experience with renovation projects. We looked around and found a house with a good sized yard, favorable location and sturdy structure. We got an especially beneficial price because of the condition of the property. The lawn was overrun with garbage and weeds. The porch was badly termite damaged, the roof outdated and there were no gutters. Inside, there were problems with missing light fixtures, broken appliances and windows painted shut. There were stained floors, holes in the drywalls and signs of vermin infestation and mold growth. We rented an apartment and totally gutted the house down to the bare studs. We tackled the yard work and invested in materials such as insulation, pipes and electric lines. We had barely begun the project when my husband got sick. Our priorities completely changed. We were spending the majority of our time in the hospital and facing a growing pile of medical bills. My husband was in no condition to work on the house, and it was no longer important to me. We needed to get our hands on cash and get out from under the burden of that property. I searched around online and found cash home buyers with a solid reputation. I liked that I could seek out an offer without any obligation or cost. The process began by simply filling out an online contact form and supplying some basic information. We then had a phone conversation that explained the steps of transferring ownership. The cash offer was fair, and the closing was arranged swiftly and conveniently.


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