Looking for rebar wire ties

A couple of months ago, my son and I were looking for rebar wire ties to use for our company.

We are always in need of items like that and sometimes it’s harder to find them than you might think.

When you are dealing with items that need rebar wire ties, then you want to make sure that you end up with exceptional quality materials. We ended up finding a really great company that supplies rebar wire ties at a great price and they have unbeatable quality in their products. I have had to purchase a lot of rebar wire ties during my career and luckily for me, this place has one of the best selections and the best quality that I have ever been able to find. They basically deal only with stainless rebar wire ties, stainless steel bar ties, and type 304 double loop ties. Of course, this is a very specific product selection, but I am of the opinion that having this restricted selection really lets them focus on the higher quality and superior longevity of their products. These types of products are something that we need on a daily basis in our line of work, and so I’m really happy that we have found a company that is so committed to quality and corrosion resistance. I’ve never been happier with a supplier for our small company before. Their service and supply is really fantastic and I hope that we will have a business relationship with them for years to come. I don’t foresee any problems so far!


Double loop rebar ties

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