Stainless steel bar wire

When people get angry, I try to turn it into a joke.

I have never been one who can handle people when they get angry.

I feel that laughter is a medicine for almost everything. It may not cure your illness, but you’ll feel better, even if for a short time. I also know that when you’re angry and someone makes you smile, whether it is a true smile or not, you suddenly feel better. When my granddaughter told me she got a stainless steel bar wire for her nose, I was disgusted. I didn’t mean to tell her that, but it came out. I told her I was thinking about some of the rebar pop used in the garden, and I could picture her with a piece of rebar in her nostrils. She laughed and said I was a wack, but she still loved me. I couldn’t imagine what a stainless steel bar wire was when iit went into the nose. When she showed up a couple days later, she had a delicate barbell that rested on the outside of her nose and she showed me the small stainless steel wire that went through the hole. I thought it was really pretty, but not quite what I imagined when she told me. I showed her the piece of rebar pop was using and told her I was picturing that going through her nose like a bull ring. She rolled her eyes and shook her head while telling me I was crazy. She pointed at her nose and then at the rebar and said there was no resemblance.

16g stainless rebar tie wire

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