I didn’t need to do anything when I sold house

My mother plus I hadn’t been on speaking terms for quite some time. My associate and I never ended up making it right together, but she passed away plus all I got was what she wanted to supply me in her will, and there was no crucial makeup story or sweet, touching letter at the end. All I got was her house in OR, however I am not a real estate person at all. I had no interest in turning her house into a rental property. I also didn’t want to list the house with a real estate agent. After my mother passed I just wanted to sell my inherited house fast for cash. I looked around at Portland real estate customers plus found cash condo customers. The Portland cash condo customer I worked with was great. I originally thought I was going to need to fly into Portland, OR, plus sign a bunch of papers. I also was planning to make a bunch of repairs, wipe out the house, plus potentially stage it. I didn’t realize that when you sell a house fast for cash, all you need to do is sign on the dotted line. I didn’t need to lift a finger. I didn’t want anything from my mothers. I had no romantic value to anything. So I just told the guy to take it whenever he wanted; He wrote me a check plus after that we were out once plus for all. I even did an electronic signature. How fantastic is that? It was such a nicer way to sell a condo rather than listing with a real estate agent.

sell a termite damaged home

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