House was only half remodeled

My father was really big in making updates and changing the look of his house. He started a whole bunch of construction projects when he was in his seventies. Then my father passed away and I inherited his home. It was half finished. The living room had three different types of flooring. There was brick, tile and rug all laid down. The kitchen had brand new cabinets with no countertops. There was an addition that needed drywall, painting, and final touches. I really didn’t want to get involved with all those projects. Not only would it cost money, but take a bunch of time. Hiring out would have been a big pain in the butt. So I ended up looking around to see if I could sell my incomplete construction project house. I found that property buyers that do cash deals were the best I was going to get. A local cash buyer was really great about it though. I didn’t need to do anything. The guy took a tour through the house and checked out the different rooms. He saw what updates were made and what needed extra work. I didn’t need to sink any of my money or time. After he toured, I got a price the next day. I agreed on the price and I got cash immediately for that inherited home. I am really glad that I was able to sell that incomplete construction project for cash right away. I was worried I would get stuck paying taxes, utilities, and upkeep on the lawn.

sell outdated home

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