Sell my outdated home in OR

I have lived in the same cabin in Portland, OR for over 20 years.

It was too big for me when I bought it. After my youngsters had grown plus I had gotten divorced, being alone in the cabin felt ridiculous. I decided that I wanted to sell plus downsize. Selling my Portland real estate turned out to be quite tricky, then first there was the matter of a real estate agent. The agent had more than 2 requests for me. I needed to list the property, make repairs, wash up inside, plus stage it. The agent also had a fee if I sold the property. I wasn’t too keen on any of this, however next, my property was seriously ancient. I had never made any sort of repairs or updates since buying the arena. Everything was honestly 80s plus it never bothered me. I felt it was deranged updating a home that I was going to sell. No real estate agent agreed with me. I ended up googling how to sell my outdated property fast for cash. I found that Portland real estate shoppers that specify cash deals were perfect for me. With a cash home offer, you cut out the real estate agent. I didn’t need to worry about making any repairs or doing updates. I got to just figure on a price, hand over the papers, plus move out. I Was able to leave anything that I didn’t want in the cabin too. It kept everything actually straight-forward for me. It was nice not having to worry about doing any kind of remodeling. I am way too outdated to pay for and coordinate that kind of work. How do I know what is new as well?

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