Shall I use reinforced concrete for our modern sidewalk from the front door to the driveway?

I love making additions to our house, even if they take months or years to complete.

While a modern roof needs to be put up as suddenly as possible to avoid moisture exposure to the wood, you can slowly paint the exterior of your house.

This is identifiably normal for a man like myself who doesn’t have any help getting the project done. I don’t have any family plus I have lived alone for years now. I wanted a modern color on the exterior of our house, so naturally it took longer than I initially wanted. Thankfully the process is complete, however it only raised more questions about other portions of our lake beach house that need to be upgraded. One huge example is the outdated driveway plus sidewalk leading to our front door. I wanted to tear away the outdated concrete plus put in brand modern concrete in its locale. However, I wasn’t exactly sure if I should use reinforced concrete made with steel rebar tie wire of some kind. Even if I used the cheapest varieties of black bar steel rebar, I knew that the added cost would make the project cost more than what I can honestly afford. That’s why I opted to make the modern driveway plus sidewalk without rebar tie wire. That way I didn’t need to purchase a full coil of rebar tie wire plus a large package of double loop ties. This would have been an unexpected expense to say the least. Instead, all I had to buy were packages of concrete mix plus I managed to mix it myself in a large paint bucket.

16 gauge rebar wire ties

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