I hated that I had to sell my house fast because of divorce

When I first met my wife at work convention, I was so taken aback by how much we had in common despite never having seen each other at work previously.

While we were working at a large company at the time, it was still odd how we hadn’t run into each other nor recognized each others’ faces either.

After talking for an hour straight, we made arrangements to go on a date later that same week. Before long, we were inseparable and in a committed relationship. One of the many ways in which we bond is through hiking in various state parks in our area. We both love the outdoors and being in nature so much that we try to schedule time throughout the month to get out into the woods. Aside from hiking and occasional camping trips, we also both love seeing live music of our favorite bands. If we’re lucky, we’ll see at least four or five concerts a year when there are enough bands that we like playing in our city. Unfortunately, things are starting to get rocky as we head into our fifth year of getting married. And instead of making improvements with couples counseling, we both came to a mutual agreement that we are fundamentally different people with different aspirations now that we’re older. I had just inherited a house from my parents that I intended to flip and sell, but because we agreed on getting a divorce when reconciliation failed, I have to sell my house fast. I hate having to sell my house fast because of divorce, but it was a gradual process that just snowballed over a long period of time. I had to sell my house fast for cash and didn’t get the same amount of money that I had originally hoped for.



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