My dad wanted us to get 18 gauge double loop rebar ties

My dad told us the other day that he wanted us to get some 18 gauge double loop rebar ties for the job that we are doing but we could not find that size anywhere. We even looked online because we thought that we might be able to order some 18 gauge double loop rebar ties from somewhere. We were hoping that we could find some that we could go and pick up somewhere close by, but the closest thing that we could find was a bag of 1500 14 gauge double loop rebar ties. I know my dad, though, and I knew that there was no way that he was going to be happy with those for the job if what he really wanted were the 18 gauge double loop rebar ties. That’s just how my dad is. He always has to have exactly what he wants when it comes to the jobs that we are doing. He and my brother and I run a construction business, but as you can probably guess, my dad is in charge. He definitely is a man who likes for things to always be done his way. I think that the person who came up with my way or the highway was probably talking about my dad originally. Anyway, he was definitely not happy when we came back to the office and told him that there weren’t any 18 gauge double loop rebar ties available anywhere nearby, nor could we order any online for some reason. I guess we were just destined to have to use something else for this particular job.

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