My brother works for my dad at the construction company

My brother Tim works for our dad at the construction company that he owns and usually they get along really well.

Tim loves working there and he tries really hard to do everything that my dad tells him to do.

My dad has been in the construction business for years and years and so he really knows what he’s doing. He builds houses and outbuildings and things like that, but his company also does a lot of commercial buildings, too. Sometimes when they are working on a job together, Tim and my dad end up getting on each other’s nerves. I think that they are too much alike to work together on certain things. They just end up fighting about stuff. This past week, my dad told Tim that he needed to order some zinc coated double loop rebar ties. They were going to be working on some new job sites and they needed the zinc coated double loop rebar ties as fast as they could get them. Tim told our dad that he was going to order them for the job and then they ended up getting busy doing something else and Tim forgot all about it. He totally forgot everything about the order for the zinc coated double loop rebar ties and so whenever it was time to start the job, they didn’t have everything that they needed! My dad was so mad at Tim that he couldn’t see straight! He yelled at him and then Tim yelled back and the whole thing ended up in a big fight.


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