Selling my Portland home fast due to a divorce

My ex and I had lived in Portland, OR most of our lives.

Sadly for a good portion of it the two of us were very unhappy.

We decided to call it quits and divide up everything to start fresh. Selling the cars, furniture, and deciding who gets what was pretty simple. Selling a divorce home in Portland, OR wasn’t a fast process. Listing the Portland real estate turned out to be a mistake. It took months before we got any kind of interest. Everyone wanted us to either cover closing costs or make sign lincat repairs. Lets not forget that the real estate agent takes fees as well. My ex and I ended up agreeing on selling our divorce home fast for cash. In Oregon we have the option of doing cash home sales that are quicker and more streamlined. With a cash home buyer you don’t need to worry about repairs, upkeep, cleaning out the place or staging. You cut out the real estate agent so there are no closing costs or hidden fees. The only thing you need to do is decide on a price for your Portland, OR real estate. After that, everything is all squared away. You can sign paperwork and then be done with it. Rather than take months and hash out details, a cash for home offer takes a few days. My ex and I were able to part ways with cash in hand. It was the easiest part of the divorce honestly. It also kept things not messy too. Hopefully this is the last time I need to sell an Oregon home fast for cash.


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