I work for a Jacksonville real estate brokerage firm

I have been working for a Jacksonville real estate brokerage firm for the past twenty years or so and it’s the best job that I’ve ever had.

I really love working for the Jacksonville, FL real estate brokerage firm because it’s never boring at all.

Jacksonville real estate investors are mostly really nice and they are always looking for the next big thing. It’s an exciting thing to be able to work in this kind of environment, that’s for sure. I never know what is going to happen at work from one day to the next, and it’s even more exciting whenever Jacksonville property values start to go up. It’s like a feeding frenzy whenever that kind of thing happens. The people who are looking for homes or apartment buildings to buy are always willing to pay cash for houses or cash for apartment buildings and that means that people start to smell cash! Not literally, of course, but figuratively whenever they start to smell cash, they are willing to sell property in Jacksonville for cash. It’s like everyone wants in on it or something. I think that’s why I’ve been working in Jacksonville at the real estate brokerage firm for so long. I don’t think that I will ever leave this office because the people here are like family to me at this point. I love dealing with all of the cash home buyers in Florida, too. I think that I will always love this job and I’m so happy that I found it all those years ago when I first moved here.

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