Whenever we were locked down, we ran out of all kinds of stuff

A couple of years ago when we were all locked down, we started to run out of all kinds of stuff out on our ranch.

Luckily for us, we were kind of self-sustaining at that point and so we had all kinds of food and water and things like that that we did not have to worry about getting from an outside source. We’ve got lots of guns and ammo, and then also had all kinds of animals killed for food if we needed to when it came right down to it. Of course, nobody really wants to have to be there, and we all just wanted to get back to normal at that point. However, there ended up being things that we could not get from an outside source. One of those things was toilet paper. That’s not something that we can just make up at the ranch whenever we feel like it! That was a big problem since there are so many people working out on the ranch on a daily basis. Of course we were all going to need some toilet paper from time to time! The other thing that we ended up running out of that would use a whole lot of out on the ranch was 16 gauge double loop wire ties. We use those double loop wire ties for all kinds of things out on the ranch and the fact that we could not get them for a while when everything was shut down really put us in a bind. We started to think that we should have stocked up on the wire ties back before everything shut down.

tie wire made in USA

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