I couldn’t believe that they were out of the tie wire we needed

The other day I went to the store because I needed to purchase some supplies for the farm that I work at. They are constantly sending me out to the store to get stuff for them and I feel like half the time that I am working, I am actually out on the road in the farm truck. It takes me a good thirty minutes to get to the farm and feed supply store from the farm where I work, so I am always on the road to buy something or find something for one of the guys who bosses me around out on the farm. Honestly, I really love my job, but sometimes those guys get on my nerves. On this particular day, one of the guys told me that he needed me to go and get some 14 gauge tie wire coils for a job that we were going to be doing. So I got in the truck and I drove all the way out there to get the stuff for him. When I got there, I couldn’t find the 14 gauge tie wire coils anywhere. I looked and looked because usually they have them in stock. I finally asked someone and they told me that they were all out of the 14 gauge tie wire coils, but they had plenty of the 16 gauge tie wire coils. I called back to the farm but I couldn’t get anyone to answer their phones. It’s really frustrating to work for these people sometimes. I ended up getting the 16 gauge tie wire coils, but of course when I got back to the farm, the guy told me that those wouldn’t work and I would have to go back and exchange them.


Tie wire coils

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