We saved money by not using a realtor to sell our home

Shortly after covid became a huge problem, my wife and I decided to sell our home.

  • We were tired of living in the rat race with everyone else.

Life was too short to keep paying all of those bills for things that we did not need to make us happy. My wife decided to list our home online for sale. She listed the property without a realtor so we could sell the home fast. It’s easy to sell your home fast when you don’t use a realtor. Cash purchases go very quickly. We had the house on the market for a few weeks before we had some serious interest from a couple of different home buyers. When we found the person that wanted to buy our home, we saved money by not using a realtor to sell our home. We did not have to pay 5% to the realtor and we did not have to pay any additional fees other than the costs to transfer the home to someone else. We used a title agency and lawyer instead of a realtor. The lawyer charged a small fee, but it was not a percentage of the purchase like the realtor was going to charge. The sale of the home went very well. It was a very easy transaction. We signed all of the paperwork and then the title agency gave us a check for the amount of the home purchase. If I was ever going to sell my home again, I would definitely try to save money by not using a realtor.


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