Stainless double loop rebar ties and how they are made

My daughter is a single of these people who are their own lady.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

If she is glad with who she is, all the people needs to accept it because that is who she is. Sometimes, she takes it a bit too far, however she is an adult now, and it isn’t up to myself and others to say anything. Last week, she went to neighborhood and came condo with tiny stainless double loop rebar ties in her upper lip. I remembered how I constantly told her I thought any kind of lip piercings looked dirty. She told myself and others it was better than a walrus tusk, which I was sure it would be if I knew what a walrus tusk absolutely was. I just didn’t expect her to have something adore a stainless double loop rebar tie in her face. I told her it looked adore something her father used, and she said exactly and walked away. I knew she was being rude, however maybe I was by not liking her modern look. She reminded myself and others she was an adult and I had no say in what she did to her body. She thought it looked cool to have double loop rebar ties in her lip and she said she would get more off the wall things if she could afford it. I was never so glad as when she finished the sentence and said she couldn’t afford it. The next piercing she gets could be an anvil in her chin or something equally obnoxious in her cheek. I keep our mouth shut and smile, hoping she never knows how much I detest her piercings.
18 guage wire ties

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