I got confused online plus called the client service line

I was trying to order double loop wire ties online.

Double loop wire ties have a variety of attachs, and i needed to order 12-in PVC coated double loop wire ties along with 16 inch PVC coated double loop wire size.

I also needed to order black plus nailed plus galvanized double loop wire ties. I had everything in my cart that I needed plus then everything disappeared, and when I went back to order the items, I got locked out of the system. I kept getting an error screen. I went back to the homepage plus everything in the car had disappeared. I was sad the same thing might happen again if I tried to locale the order online, so I decided to contact client service at the metal business instead. I got an automated machine at first, however then a certainly nice man answered the iPhone plus helped myself and others with my order. She apologized for the problem plus told myself and others that it was absolutely a technical issue. She asked myself and others to hold for a couple of hours so he could alert the technical staff that there was a problem with that online ordering website, however the man at the metal business helped myself and others locale my order for all of the double loop rebar wire ties. The client service for the business was honestly excellent plus the cost for shipping was adequate with fast delivery, but all of the stainless steel double loop wire ties arrived before the estimated date plus everything was packaged well so the items would not be moved around plus injured.

Bar wire made in USA

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