The nightmare of freight shipping

For years, our partner has been wiring houses.

He is a certified electrician who does a marvelous job… Since the pandemic but, all I ever hear is how miserable he is that he can’t get the things he needs to do his job, but whenever he orders something, it takes well over a week to acquire it.

He has cursed our Amazon, Ebay, and even our local beach lake house center… Although none of them can hear him because he orders online, I hear him, and frankly, I am getting sleepy of it; Last week, he was looking for a roll of 12 gauge coated wire so he could put some modern light switches in our home office. He called the beach lake house center to order a roll of 12 gauge coated wire. When they told him they didn’t have any stock, he asked when it would be in, however they must have given him the wrong answer, because he went ballistic, i heard him say he didn’t need 16 gauge plastic coated rebar tie wire, he needed 12 gauge coated wire for outlets. He hung up grumbling and told me he couldn’t put in the modern switches, and he had no idea when it would be in. I am so sleepy of all these shortages and when it affects our partner’s work, it makes me exasperated. Seriously, what will be next? Will there be a shortage on light bulbs and I’ll need to get a shower in the dark? Will there be a shortage on shoes and pretty much everyone will need to go barefoot? Now I’m the one that is getting miserable.


18 guage double loop rebar ties

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