Anxious to sell inherited property

When I first learned that I’d inherited my grandmother’s house, I was excited.

I assumed that owning more property would be an asset.

A home down south sounded like an ideal situation. I then realized that one of my cousins had lived in the house for several years. He’d done absolutely nothing to maintain the property. He caused a great deal of damage. When he moved out, he left food on the counters, bags of garbage on the porch and a significant amount of clothing and furnishings behind. There were holes in the walls, burn marks in the carpet and stains in the sinks and toilets. There were broken windows, missing pieces of siding and the porch stairs had collapsed. I found signs of water damage, termite damage and mold growth. There were several old tires abandoned in the lawn. There was no way the house would pass a home inspection or meet local building codes. Living over a thousand miles away made it very difficult for me to check on the house, hire contractors or get anything accomplished. I contacted several realtors and was given a list of repairs that needed to be handled before listing. Otherwise, the property either wouldn’t sell at all or would sell for a fraction of its worth. I really didn’t want to deal with the hassle. I was unwilling to take time off from work to handle the remodeling and sale of the house. I chose to contact a cash buyer. The process was wonderfully simple, convenient and quick. I didn’t need to travel to the actual location. I filled out an online form, answered a few questions and got an offer the same day. The offer was fair. It was for the property as-is. Once I agreed, the closing was completed in under two weeks.

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