My brother is a general contractor

My brother Allen is a general contractor and he stays pretty busy all year long. He always says that the summer is his busiest time of year, but I think that he stays busy all the time. Maybe he is just trying to avoid me on a general basis, but I know that every time I call him to go to lunch, he says that he’s right in the middle of a big job and he’ll get back to me! I don’t know if I should feel like he’s trying to avoid me or not, but it’s kind of become a big joke between us. I know that he loves me, and whenever we do get together, we have a really good time together. The last time we went out to lunch, he ended up having to take a call right in the middle of our conversation because he was freaking out about the fact that his shipment of 16g black annealed rebar tie wire H\had not shown up at his current job site yet. He said that none of the guys on his crew could get to work on pouring the concrete for the foundation for the building they were working on until they received the shipment of 16g black annealed rebar tie wire That they were waiting on. The 16g black annealed rebar tie wire was supposed to get there the week before and still had not arrived, so they were basically sitting around twiddling their thumbs while they waited for the shipment. I don’t really know why this stuff is so important to their job, but according to Allen, they could not proceed without it.

Ironworker wire

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