My friend Nathan made a name for himself with the amazing structures crafted in rebar

These pieces made out of steel rebar tie wire are breathtaking to look at.

I had an interesting assortment of friends in my days at college. Since it was a small liberal arts school that focused heavily on individual-directed learning, we had students from all demographics and study areas. While I was a humanities student, I had friends in the hard sciences like chemistry and physics, as well as the social sciences like psychology, sociology, and economics. Several of my friends were art students, especially within the music program that was still fairly small at the time. I had one friend named Austin who was focusing heavily on music history in the United States, particularly the Jazz tradition. My friend Nathan was a visual art student when began his career using cardboard as a sculpting medium. He combined his love of physics and mathematics and started making these geometrically perfect shapes and designs before learning welding. Welding opened up a brand new world for him because that’s when he started buying coils of rebar tie wire and using it as his sculpting medium. He would heat the rebar to bend it to the shapes necessary, then he would weld all of the pieces together. He made shapes like dodecahedrons before tackling objects with dozens of sides on them. These pieces made out of steel rebar tie wire are breathtaking to look at. It’s amazing that he’s so precise with his measurements and his welds. If he ever fell out of the art world, he could easily pick up extra work doing cement work as a rebar welder or ironworker. There is definitely a high demand for these workers right now because of all the residential and commercial development happening in this state in particular.



18 gauge wire ties

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