It's a great feeling to be able to help people figure out what they need

Ever since I started working at this metal supply company, I have really started to feel like I’ve found a place that I belong in life.

  • Honestly, ever since I was a kid, I have never really felt like I belonged anywhere.

I have never had any real talent for anything. I kind of just get by and I am really middle of the road when it comes to just about everything. I am completely average! Sometimes this makes me feel really bad about myself, but recently ever since I started working here, I’ve realized that I am really great at this job. For some reason, everything here just clicks for me. I am working at a company that sells all kinds of items to help with construction projects, including materials to help hold rebar in position on construction projects. The rebar tie wire and the wire ties that we sellare durable, versatel, and affordable. They can be used in all kinds of different applications from supporting your run of the mill garden plants to securing scaffolding and helping lay foundations for the largest skyscrapers. I love the versatility of our products, and I love the way that they last forever. The rebar wire ties that we sell the most are galvanized and they won’t rust or corrode in any kind of weather. I love the fact that our products are American made and certified domestic. I guess the fact that I love all of the products helps me to succeed at my job in ways that I never have before.




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