People were begging for the 14 gauge double loop wire ties

Back during the pandemic when so many things were closed down and working on reduced hours, we ended up having the opposite problem. We were working out on a beef ranch, and we had tons of demand for our products. People seemed to be going crazy for meat during that time period. I guess it’s because they were all working from home all the time and they had time to learn how to smoke things and to cook and grill outside whenever they felt like it. It certainly was an interesting time to be alive back then. Anyway, we did not have trouble with selling our products, that’s for sure. But that also meant that we did not slow down out on the farm and we needed the same products that we always used in order to keep everything running smoothly. One of the things that we really needed a lot of was something we use here on a daily basis, which are 14 gauge double loop wire ties. We used to take those things for granted back before all of the shutdowns happened. Once the 14 gauge double loop wire ties became so scarce because we couldn’t get any, all of us were begging each other for them! We use them for so many things out on the ranch and we were desperate for them during that time period. Now that we can get 14 gauge double loop wire ties again, we don’t ever take them for granted anymore! I’m so glad that the whole thing is over because I really hated it.



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