My dad asked me to order some pvc coated rebar wire ties

I work for my dad at his construction company and most of the time I just do stuff like pay bills, send invoices, sort the mail, and make phone calls.

I like working for my dad at the construction company and I have been helping him out here and there ever since I was in high school.

I basically grew up in the construction business and so I know a whole lot about it. I told my dad that I would work for him all summer while I am home from college this year, and he was really happy to hear that. The other lady that he used to have working for him ended up going out on maternity leave and so she was going to be gone all summer long. He was pretty stressed out about the fact that he wasn’t going to have any help in the office. He doesn’t ever do the ordering or anything like that and so he wanted me to do some ordering for him. I told him that I would be completely fine with doing that as long as he told me what he needed. He said that they were going to need a ton of PVC coated rebar wire ties, along with some type 316 double loop wire ties. I wasn’t sure what the difference was between those two things and he said that the company that he orders from would know what I meant when I called. They sell them in bags of 2000, 2500, and 5000 each and so I called the company and ordered 10 bags of the 5000 count ones. I didn’t want my dad to run out. He said that that was about 3 times more than he needed for the job they were working on!

14 gauge double loop rebar ties

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